Digitalcyon was founded to help develop tools and resources to help web users understand the importance of online privacy and protecting their digital rights. The Internet is often under attack by parties interested in limiting online speech and the rights of individuals for commercial gain. We believe it is important to all web users to protect their rights by supporting businesses which believe in those rights and communicating with local politicians to stand up for individual rights on the web.

Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is the principal that all information on the Internet should be treated equal by the businesses that transmit information around the world. It is also the principals that government bodies should also offer equal treatment for the transmission of that same information. Net neutrality at its core is a fundamental part of the Internet and is what enables many creatives and intellectuals to share their thoughts and ideas online.

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Digital Privacy

The Internet has become a daily part of many lives around the world. With it becoming an integral part of our lifestyles, it has also become an opportunity for businesses and governments to encroach upon the expectations of privacy many web users have. While there are certainly reasons for tracking user information, we want to ensure that web users understand what information is private online and how to protect their privacy from actors looking to use their information either for financial purposes or with malicious intent.

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